Idvert‘s Interpretation of Blackhat Advertising - Casino Category

Idvert‘s Interpretation of Blackhat Advertising - Casino Category

Casino has always been a common category in BH offers. After introducing the play of skin and diet ads in the previous two articles, today let's have a look how casino ad is managed.

We found a hot casino advertisement on Idvert.

gambling landing page examples

In general, the audience of casino is targeting the group of people who have a strong desire for money. Mostly for men of middle age or above. After all, the economic pressure of the family in this age group is the biggest. It is very easy to get their pain point by using money-related creatives and copywriting.

Looking at the copy first, it’s very simple but contains a lot information. An Ottawa student earned $240 million for only $11. 11 dollars has changed to 200 million. Yes, there is no mistake, a student earned 240 $million with only $11.11!!! This definitely can stir a great curiosity in the general audience. Is it a lottery ticket or is there any other secret chance? The description looks like a piece of news, making people want to explore the truth. The picture creative is bundles of cash and seems to increase the authenticity. Look at the following copy, adding that it took only 7 minutes to get the money. How could it be so possible? Is it true that there will be pennies from the heaven? With questions we came to the offer's money page. 

gambling and betting offers on affbank

Obviously this is another news style page. In addition to the general portal category, the menu bar in the top also inserts a category like the suspected casino such as SUN BINGO, but it doesn't feel awkward. If you click it through, you will find that this is also a real game. An induced link to the page makes it to feel more naturally.

Look at the title again: five innovative ways to make money after retirement. Then the lead introduces these five ways in the first person. Attach a picture of counting money, as if you can count the money at home after reading these methods.

Then goes to the five methods described below.

high converting landing page on affbank

Renting your space, becoming a local guide, selling handmade products online, trying pet sitting, and looking for a for expat jobs. Each method is introduced very briefly, making people feel that they still have no idea where to start, so there is another news that seems to be related to the top after the dividing line.

black hat offers on affbank

Pink highlights the heartwarming news, an old man in the nursing home helped his family got rid of poverty through an unpredictable method. Attached with a photo of the old man, it seems to be well-founded.

It previously just mentioned the so-called methods of making money after retirement, then comes up with a story that an old man who has cast off poverty and shocked the world, but still haven’t told you exactly how this is happened. Stirring people who have the same idea of ​​making money to explore the truth eagerly. What on earth can help an old man in a nursing home to suddenly get rich in an overnight?

Then, the following begins to introduce the ins and outs of the whole thing. 

spy on gambling creatives on affbank

Through the self-report of the old man, we know that when he was worrying the money to sustain the family, the staff in the nursing home happened to install an online Casino game on the computer, hoping to bring more joy to everyone. The old man took a wait-and-see attitude at the beginning.

It should be noted here that this not a real gambling machine. It is just a game that allows the audience to relax their minds, and the computer can be played online, indicating that the threshold is very low, and the key words are added during the introduction. The hyperlink can jump directly to the game page, which is very easy.

After seeing other people have a good time, the old man decided to take a shot himself, so with the help of a few young people, he first topped up 12 euros to exchange 150 gold coins for the game. After playing for half an hour, he was ready to give up and found himself winning 650,000 euros. Half an hour, 12 euros for 650,000 euros, what an incredible thing!!!

gambling and betting offers on affbank

The old man was very skeptical at first, until the people around him were surprised and helped him to withdraw the bonus. He felt that he was still dreaming.

Is it a dream? The following statement will tell you that with the money, his family paid off the bank loan in a few weeks and bought a bigger house. The old man finally got a better life in the rest of his life. Finally, use a philosophy to end this wonderful story: happiness can be found anywhere and anytime - in fact, it implies that the things that fall out of the pie are there, evoking the audience's trusting to luck.

So, the point here is to tell everyone that this game is real, and that it can be cashed out, and at the same time it gives people hope that even the elderly who don’t understand anything can get such a lucky change, then others can surely expect more. How? It certainly is to play this game! The registration is very simple, which only takes 20 seconds, Win the Jackpot gives the audience the confidence they must have to win.

The comments below further overturned the psychological dependence of the audience. Some people said that they tried to feel great, and some people used the evaluation of industry professionals to feedback the high-reward rate of this game, and compared other competing products. Not so... In short, it tells you that this game is safe and reliable, and the winning rate is high, it is worth a try. 

gambling landing page on affbank

Attentive people will find that there are a lot of guides in this money page. From the embedding in the menu bar we talked about to the hyperlink in the copy, there will always be a column in the bottom of the page that will continuously accumulate the prize pool, creating a sense of tension. 

casino offers landing page on affbank

The game page entrance is everywhere. 

gambling offer on affbank

Enter to the game page, it is a common casino style with a big prompt on the registration box to tell you that there will be free games for you to play every day for the first 7 days. You can see different type of games every day, which can all be played freely for 7 days, and in the mean time you still can win the bonus with zero input. Why not to take your chance? At least you have 7 days to change your life. The rest leave it to the God.

After registration, it will jump to a redirect interface, telling you that the game is safe and reliable, you don’t need to worry about any risk. This will allow users to feel that they are in a safe environment and can give it a go.

casino offers on affbank

Throughout this casino case, we know the importance of grasping the psychological changes of people, so as to set the corresponding trigger. The audience of casino is more focused on speculation, risk and addiction. Therefore, it’s also suggested suggest to learn some psychology-related research before making the correct marketing strategy.

Someone may ask: How to quickly find this hot creative in Idvert? See the animation below.Select the Casino category in the BH category, then select Hottest, you can get the hottest offer sort in the Black Hat Casino category.

If you want to see more creative ideas and get money pages, check out Idvert now.


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