How to work with WHITE-hat offers

How to work with WHITE-hat offers

  • October 24, 2019
  • by OlgaIkn
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An abundance of offers offering products of various categories, a large list of geos, conversion rates, appraisal, EPC, dozens of landing pages and transit pages - all this will turn the mind of any newcomer who decides to put his first budget on the line, merging into product offers.

What about white / gray?

The white offer is launched in advertising sources without any problems. For it, you will not get a ban and you can start your campaignes with peace of mind immediately after receiving an affiliate link.

Good gray offers are usually 18+ or on prohibited topics. Running an advertising campaign requires the use of special street magic.

What about the sources?

You can try teaser networks. Having previously studied the materiel, worked with macroses, subid and the principles of compiling and using black / white sheets. Experience with the tracker is welcome, even with free versions. From 5-10 thousand there is a chance to find a profitable bunch (landing and pre-landing)  and return the money that've been spent on the test.

Facebook is unlikely. Today we can say that this is a certain trend. A great option to drain on product offers. It is very popular among experienced media buyers. It requires certain skills in bringing traffic and the computer knowledge as well. This traffic source is not suitable for a beginner. Pity your personal account until it flew to the ban.

Instagram - there are chances. It is your Target Audience. Just a couple of good posts and all that girls (they all wanna be pretty and slim) want to buy your product - you may have a success. Excellent results are achieved in conjunction with Facebook. But if you missed this item you can work separately. The essence of the promotion is largely similar to FB, but with the main emphasis on women's issues.

What's up with quality creatives?

Creativity is always held in high esteem. We draw ourselves, try to make a decent, interesting photo. We turn to the designer for help. Or ... Or we look at competitors. We go to AdSPY or AdvanceTS and pull out all the necessary info from there. Which creatives are popular, through which pads come in and which are successful. With proper luck, you can find a good profitable landing page, including the selling text and the relevant picture.

But do not forget that just the stolen landing page alone may not work in your case. And a beautiful, vivid picture that seems to match the theme of the offer in the best way possible may fail miserably. It turns out that the remedy for hemorrhoids can be sold using images of overripe bananas. What a twist…

What about the budget?

How much money to put on launch, which payment model to choose, should the campaign be only active at day or night - everyone decides for themselves. Numerous tests will tell you the right option. The high price does not guarantee high-quality traffic. The top media buyer able to get leads from Facebook at $0,5-1. Pay per click is not always more effective than impressions. It all depends on the accuracy of the selection of the target audience. The main thing is not to throw your advertising campaigns on their own and constantly keep them under control. Try to analyze and optimize correctly to get a positive result. It’s not shameful to update the statistic every 5 minutes. Everyone went through it. Shameful constantly pouring money and getting nothing in return. Therefore, always be on the alert!

If everything above is clear to you then you can safely start working. The main thing is not to give up and work on your mistakes. Each negative drain is another opportunity to see weaknesses and work on them. One way or another, success will come, no other way!

In CPA IKON we start to produce white-hat offers. You can also try it:

To Glory!


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Olga Kharchenko is a media-buyer from CPA IKON network. She is working with in-house asian team. Almost only asian GEO and nutra offers. 
Vietnam and Indonesia have really strong publishing community which can get really quality traffic using unusuall traffic sources.
WhiteHat method with classic nutra? Generation leads with chat-bot? Facebook live streams? Why not? It is Asia, baby.
Contact: [email protected]

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