Facebook Cloaking with the Github Domain + Keitaro

Facebook Cloaking with the Github Domain + Keitaro

Cloaking using “trust” domains has become quite a popular topic recently, and now we will discuss cloaking the content using GitHub and Keitaro tracker.

We will use the Github domains for our companies and for bypassing Facebook bots.

1. Create an account on GitHub. Go to github.com and follow an easy registration procedure to create an account.

2. After successful registration, log in and create a repository. We will have one landing for each repository, in this case we will place our WhitePage on GitHub. Click “Create repository”

3. Enter the name of the repository, select Public, then click “Create repository” - the repository has been created.

4. After successfully creating the repository, we can upload our WhitePage files directly through the service’s web interface (or by clicking the “Set up in Desktop” button and downloading the computer application) and easily administer our landing pages. For more experienced users it’s possible to manage our repositories from the command line. 

Let's start with uploading through the PC application. After you have installed the app, log in to the account

5. In the list of our repositories, select the one that we created and click Clone “repository name”. After that, click Clone again.

6. Click “Show in Explorer” and go to the folder on the computer of our repository

7. Upload the files of our WhitePage landing to the folder.

8. Go back to the application. Now we need to publish the repository and run synchronization. In the fields marked with arrows, enter arbitrary values ​​and click “commit to master”.

Next, click “Publish Branch”

9. Go back to the GitHub Web interface and click Settings

In the Options category, look for the Github Pages section and select “master branch” in the Source option.

10. After that you'll see our landing page url on the GitHub’a domain, this is a link to our white page.

When we have already uploaded a WhitePage and have a github-domain, we can further make a cloak using JavaScript redirect along with our tracker according to the following:

When a user visits WhitePage (on GitHub domain), the script will refer to the campaign created in the tracker and give it all the necessary user parameters: IP, browser, etc.

If the user DOES NOT match the parameters  of the campaign stream filters,  he will simply remain on the WhitePage.

If the user matches the parameters, then a redirect will be made to the same campaign, but to a different stream (we use a special tag for this), which will show a prelanding or landing page to this particular user.

12. We can change the WhitePages in the local folder (see item 7), and after applying any changes we need to synchronize with the server (see iterm 8, this is a mandatory action).

In this case, we will embed our github domain with a WhitePage on Facebook and according to the filters set up by the company, bots/moderators will remain on our WhitePage and clients will be redirected to the desired landing page.

Lifehack: If Facebook banned your domain anyway, you can change username to github and your domain will change accordingly and you can use the new one in Facebook.

Good luck with your profits and moderation:) If you have questions, contact Ruslan in Skype for assistance with setup. 

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