CPA Aggregators. Cheating or the best solution for marketers?

CPA Aggregators. Cheating or the best solution for marketers?

CPA Aggregators. Cheating or the best solution for marketers?

Since the affiliate business is growing we often see a lot of new tools for affiliates. Some of them quite promising and some not really stable, but still we are existing in the same habitat and understanding of the niches should be as a must.

We are not going to discuss new updates on the market, but we will take a very controversial one – CPA Aggregators.

Let’s start with the definition of this tool and then goes deeper.

CPA Aggregators work on a model where the company aggregates the information about products, in our case – offers and networks, make the providers their partners, and sell their services under the owner's brand. Since the aggregator is not an owner of the product It just helps owners in marketing and in a unique win-win way.

So, what did we find out:

  • CPA Aggregators are not the owners of the product\offers\network
  • CPA Aggregators sell the products under the owner’s name
  • CPA Aggregators help to increase the sales and increase the brand identity

To make things clear, I would like to make all mentioned approvals out on Affbank example.

CPA Aggregators are not the owners of the product\offers

Talking about the first and the most interesting topic, I would say there is nothing special that affiliates are always being surprised to hear, that offers shown in Affbank feed do not belong to the service and use not for the direct promotion.

That is because the interface looks very similar to the track platforms, where usually publishers take the offers. But if you will have a look closer, you see that there is no tracking link for offers promotion.

How it really works:

  • The network is being added to the listing
  • That allows Affiliates to find their offers on Affbank.
  • Then affiliates go the main page of Networks and create an account on their platform for offers promotion.

The following cooperation will be held between network and publisher.

The CPA Aggregator is like a provider between a Publisher and a Network.

CPA Aggregators sell the products under the owner’s name

As we already discussed in the definition of the CPA Aggregators «the aggregator is not an owner of the product It just helps to owners…».

Again, let's return to Affbank example, in case you open any offer in the offers feed, you surely see the Network - provider:

Not a single aggregator takes the rights to change the name of the owner of the product to their name at least because of it is illegally.

What is the benefit for product owners to place their product to the CPA aggregators you ask? You will get the answer in the next part of the article.

CPA Aggregators help to increase the sales and increase the brand identity

Here we go, the most interesting part of the article, at least because 60% of affiliates don’t understand why they need to use offers aggregator and why they have to pay for this. Let me explain it to you from both sides, the user, and the advertiser side.

User side of the question.

When you are coming to the shop, you see a lot of products different types, you have a chance to choose, think what you want and what you need, compare the price and quality. Sounds good, yes? Just imagine that all these products will be divided into the different shops: to buy the butter you will have to go to one place, to buy the bread you will have to go to another place and the same about the rest. Sounds stressful, don’t you think so?

Affbank – the big shop with plenty of products(offers), you can check any type of the offers, compare payouts, check how many types of user flow the offer has.

Don’t you think, that it is a very useful possibility? But in comparison with the shop, Affbank has the biggest advantage – Network rating.

Additionally to the offers, you will get the real feedback about the offers owner. This is actually one of the most important parts, as a result, the main cooperation will be held with the offer owner and affiliate has to be sure of the reliability of that side.

Some of the aggregators working with several types of products, aggregating additional products connecting with the business sphere they are working in. That is a very smart strategy, as users mostly like to have all in one place especially if the products are useful.

Affbank is here to help us with an example. Have a look, additionally, to the offers this service aggregates discounts to help affiliates decreasing the costs for needed services. We all know, that before the first income from the Affiliate Marketing business, you must spend a lot.

Don’t you think it is quite smart? It allows to attract additional users and increase retention rate because user returns only to the useful site or site that has put a tag.

So, for user aggregator is the place where he\she can check the information about the product, compare the price and conditions, check all possible countries. I would say, aggregator – the ultimate tool for any affiliate!

Network side of the question

Affiliate or Advertising Networks – the main partners of Aggregators from all over the world.

Let me explain: usually, network representatives come to the summit finding traffic sources or advertisers, they are talking with people, presenting their offers, talking about their advantages.

The same here, but more adjusted.

Imagine the aggregator as a big summit with affiliates, but you don’t have to explain to them your superiority, they check the network account with all mentioned pros and types of cooperation, check the offer and decide if they are going to work with the network or not.

Why you I have to pass to aggregators my offers?

Really good question, coming from different Networks. Let me explain it in the real example.

Network placed the account on Affbank platform and gets a lot of leads, coming from day to day, but they are not targeted and let's have a look why:

The affiliate usually has a certain type of traffic, for example, he or she runs only dating apps, he\she see an amazing network with perfectly fitting conditions for cooperation but there are no offers. Affiliate going to the network, spends a lot of time to discuss the possibilities, creates an account in the networks and after the communication with responsible manager, he\she finds out that offers do not comply with his\her traffic, maybe the price is low or the country is not applicable.

This example shows that there are disadvantaged for both sides of cooperation.

Where are aggregators taking traffic for leads?

Lets again return to the example of Affbank.

The aggregator is balancing between organic traffic (coming from the search platforms on the free basis) and paid traffic (from the different platforms).

Behind both ways are hidden a lot of work and the whole team.

To put Aggregator on the top of the search or at least on the first pages, the whole SEO team are working all day long, comparing positions, checking the site mistakes on the daily basis and etc.

Paid traffic is coming from the platforms such as Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, Taboola native, BingAds, Yahoo Gemini, Revcontent, Outbrain, Social Media (VK, FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter) and Advertising on the different forums such as BHW, Warrior, Afffiliatefix and etc. The team is daily checking the quality of traffic, volumes, create different targetings based on the preferences of partners.

Why do CPA Aggregators work on the payment basis?

This is the most important question for all. But let's open this topic to explain this in details and Affbank will help us with the examples.

When for a Network creates an account on Affbank platform the following mechanism is starting to work:

  • There is assigned the personal manager to the Network
  • The manager pass the information about the network with API link to the tech team
  • Tech team creates an account on the platform with the offers
  • Personal manager fill the description of the company with all appropriate data
  • SMM manager prepares the announcement of the new network in the social media (VK, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn and Insta) and the Newsletter
  • Personal manager check the right work of the account on the daily basis
  • Communicate with a representative of the network weekly to discuss if there is any information the Network wants to share
  • Control the impressions coming to the network account

So, what we can see as a result?

There is a strong cooperation of different teams is hidden behind the name of the company and no one works for free. Aggregators have to pay salary, have to pay for traffic, have to pay for advertising on the different channels and in front of it, small monthly payment seems a grain.


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