A whole new possibilities from CPA IKON!

A whole new possibilities from CPA IKON!

  • November 22, 2019
  • by OlgaIkn
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Three good news from CPA IKON at once!

  • +1 new GEO – India! Millions of Indians are already waiting for your traffic!
  • Three good offers with a top form factor of 2019! Bubble-pills, adult and slimming. Vietnam GEO. Payout starting from $16 – possibly with an increase!
  • And most importantly, we are REMOVING CAPS FROM INDONESIAN OFFERS (not the adult ones though). Lock and load your traffic-gun and FIRE! Approve for adult offers is at 20%, for slimming – 27% and for beauty it starts from 30%.

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Olga Kharchenko is a media-buyer from CPA IKON network. She is working with in-house asian team. Almost only asian GEO and nutra offers. 
Vietnam and Indonesia have really strong publishing community which can get really quality traffic using unusuall traffic sources.
WhiteHat method with classic nutra? Generation leads with chat-bot? Facebook live streams? Why not? It is Asia, baby.
Contact: og@ikon.vn

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