Nordic Affiliate Conference

27 - 28 March




The Nordic Affiliate Conference will take place on the 27th - 28th March 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Going into its 3rd edition, NAC brings those working in the Nordic industry together for a packed conference day and an awesome networking dinner. If you are looking to meet up with the tech brains, industry influencers and market-leading businesses in the Nordics then look no further than NAC. 

NAC as an event is full of character and reflects the Nordics in that it is smaller and more entrepreneurial than the likes of LAC, LiAC and iGB Live!. NAC puts you in a room with industry leaders and gives you the breathing space to have a productive conversation.

 On the first night of NAC we whisk everyone off to a secret venue for some of the best food in Stockholm. This dinner gives you the chance to make a few connections before you even set foot in the conference room. 

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