Impact Growth

25 June

United States


New York

Impact was founded in 2008 on the premise that great technology can truly transform business.

Almost a decade later, we were amazed to see the innovation happening across people, process and technology with our most mature clients - they were developing new strategies, organizing and managing their teams differently and deploying new tools that were incredibly innovative - and several companies actually began to be transformative - yet this innovation still remained largely unknown to most companies.

This was the spark of Impact Growth.

We envisioned an event that could bring together the leaders, the change-makers, the agents of growth that are truly transforming their companies.

Something that welcomed open dialogue, and knowledge-sharing on relevant and timely topics.

An event that inspired and empowered personal and enterprise transformation.

And so, Impact Growth was born - to challenge, educate and inspire the way leaders of enterprises transform their teams, their mindset and their processes through the innovative use of enabling technology to grow their business.

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Impact growth is educating, inspiring and mind blowing.. It has the answers to your inquisition..

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