11 June



Saint Petersburg

Hey ladies and gentlemen.


Why so formal, you ask? That is because we have a piece of very important and very serious news for you.

The conference in a new format would take place this June in Saint-Petersburg.


On our conference, you won't hear routine success stories or cases, nothing of that sort. Instead, we provide you with new ways and working instruments, analytics, and unique learning experience.


We are trying to create an immersive experience in the world of arbitrage and marketing for you:


- Networking in a speed-dating format. No one leaves without at least a few new contacts.

- Only exclusive guests, meaning only valuable connections.

- No self-promotion from our speakers


Like you - We have a lot of experience in this kind of events, so now we are focusing on creating something new and unconventional for our own project. 

We hope that you will share our views! Come and find out for yourself if that is true.


Clothed women, no alcohol and a lot of useful knowledge and experience - all of that are waiting for you 17.06 in the Azimut Hotel, Saint-Petersburg.


P.S.: Of course, there also would be a party afterward.


Our contacts: [email protected] 

skype: live:affiliate_cow

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