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TVS Pep [CPL] IN - Leadadmitad IN$1.2
MU ORIGIN 2 [CPI, iOS] RU - Install on iOSadmitad RU$1.2
MU ORIGIN 2 [CPI, Android] RU - Install on Androidadmitad RU$1
MobileConnect [CPL] IN - APK Downloadadmitad IN$0.6
golama [CPA, iOS] RU - First purchaseadmitad RU$27.77
Paytm first Games [CPI] IN - Signupadmitad IN$0.15
golama [CPA, Android] RU - First purchaseadmitad RU$27.77
Banggood [CPI, iOS] Many GEOs - Install on iOSadmitad MM +13$0.69
Banggood [CPI, Android] Many GEOs - Install on Androidadmitad MM +13$0.98
Voot [CPUV] IN - Visitadmitad IN$0.02
LIKE Video [CPI, Android] RU - Install on Androidadmitad RU$0.4
Rakuten FR - Paid order / 40% of the amount of the Rakuten commission (H.T.)admitad FR40%
Gant FR - Paid orderadmitad FR5.83%
PLUSH PL - Paid orderadmitad PL$30.69
Vodafone Postpaid [CPL] IN - Leadadmitad IN$3.51
Hooq [CPA] IN - Subscriptionadmitad IN$2.71
Bonprix PL - Paid orderadmitad PL$7.67
STARZ PLAY [CPA, iOS] SA AE - Trial subscription activatedadmitad AE +1$9.23
Cred [CPA, Android, iOS] IN - Credit card verificationadmitad IN$0.91
Seniority [CPS] IN - Saleadmitad IN7%
Likee [CPI, Android] IN - install on androidadmitad IN$0.23
Chili IT - Paid order by new customeradmitad IT$3.6
Chili PL - Paid order by new customeradmitad PL$6.75
Lacoste AE - Paid orderadmitad AE9.23%
Lacoste SA - Paid orderadmitad SA9.23%
Indiabulls Shubh [CPA] IN - Account Openadmitad IN$2.11
Monobank [iOS] UA - Registrationadmitad UA$0.59
Monobank [Android] UA - Registrationadmitad UA$0.59
MPL [CPA] IN - 3rd GamePlayadmitad IN$0.3
AboutYou [CPI, Android] DE CZ NL CH - Install on Androidadmitad CZ +3$1.44

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