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AboutYou [CPI, Android] DE CZ NL CH - Install on Androidadmitad CZ +3$1.46
AboutYou [CPI, iOS] DE CZ CH - Install on iOSadmitad CZ +2$1.46
Novakid PL - Paid courseadmitad PL$8
Footshop EU - Paid orderadmitad BG +111.54%
Footshop CZ - Paid orderadmitad BG +111.54%
Roposo [CPI, Android] IN - install on androidadmitad IN$0.16
Gamezy [APK] IN - Game playadmitad IN$0.27
Daily Hunt [CPI, Android] IN - install on androidadmitad IN$0.18
Gamezy [APK] IN - Registrationadmitad IN$0.29
TikTok [CPI, Android] RU - Install on Androidadmitad RU$0.85
TikTok [CPI, iOS] RU - Install on iOSadmitad RU$0.85
Nikki [CPR, Android] IN - Registrationadmitad IN$0.3
Novakid PL - Paid lessonadmitad PL$8
Will Go Night [CPI, Android] TW - install on androidadmitad TW$1.16
Sports Update [CPA, iOS&Android] BD - Subscriptionadmitad BD$0.32
Feng Shui [CPI, Android] KR - install on androidadmitad KR$2.33
Gate of the sky [CPI, iOS] KR - install on iosadmitad KR$1.75
Topface [CPA, Android] Many GEOs - Purchaseadmitad CA +8$4.46
Topface [CPA, iOS] Many GEOs - Purchaseadmitad CA +8$4.38
Hotstar [CPV] US - Visitadmitad US$0.07
Solitaire Social: Classic Game [CPA, iOS] Many GEOs - First purchase 7dayadmitad MX +246$35.38
LIKE [CPI, Android] IN - install on androidadmitad IN$0.16
HRS Hotel Search [CPI, iOS] DE - install on iosadmitad DE$2.16
Click Entregas [CPA, Android] BR - Purchaseadmitad BR$3.84
Click Entregas [CPA, iOS] BR - Purchaseadmitad BR$3.84
Tiqets Many GEOs - Paid orderadmitad AM +136%
Yandex.Music [CPI. Android] KZ, RU - Install on Androidadmitad KZ +1$0.3
Uber Driver Latam - First Drive (15.38$-57.69$)admitad MX +11$15.38
Uber Driver Latam - Sign up (0.76$ - 3.84$)admitad MX +11$0.76
Vova [CPI,IOS] FR, DE - Install on IOSadmitad FR +1$1.53

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