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Guardians of Ember [SOI] TR - Registration SOIadmitad TR$0.63
ExpertPDF DE UK ES FR - Cost per install(Germany)admitad FR +3$1
ExpertPDF DE UK ES FR - Cost per install(Uk; France;Spain)admitad FR +3$1
Guardians of Ember [SOI] PL - Rejestracjaadmitad PL$0.9
League of Angels III [SOI] Many GEOs - Registration SOIadmitad MX +59$3.2
Shumee PL - Saleadmitad PL5.38%
Game of Thrones [SOI] Many GEOs - Registration SOIadmitad AU +36$2.62
RummyCircle [CPA, Android] IN - Registrationadmitad IN$1.15
Rail Nation [SOI] many GEOs - Registration SOIadmitad AT +2$3.27
Total battle [SOI] Many Geos - Registrationadmitad AU +23$1.08
Generals. Art of War [CPI, Android] RU - Install on Androidadmitad RU$0.93
Magic The Gathering Arena [CPP] many GEOs - Loginadmitad AU +25$8.75
Atknpro TR - Approved orderadmitad TR9.23%
Microsoft LATAM - Paid order (3.84-7.69$, 0.76-5.38%)admitad MX +131%
VTMarketStore BR - Paid orderadmitad BR3.07%
Livepools Registration [CPL] IN - Registrationadmitad IN$0.23
Livepools [CPL] IN - Successful Registrationadmitad IN$0.29
Blood Rites [CPP GameNet] Many Geos - Effective registrationadmitad AT +14$4.71
ExpertPDF - Cost per install(Germany)admitad FR +3$1
ExpertPDF - Cost per install(Uk; France;Spain)admitad FR +3$1
Dragon Lord [SOI Esprit] ES - Registrationadmitad ES$1.17
Rise of dragons [SOI Esprit] EN + Many GEOs - Registrationadmitad CA +7$2.24
Star Stable [CPP] UK - Active Playeradmitad UK$3.5
World of Warships [SOI] Many GEOs - Registration DOIadmitad AT +18$6.25
World of Tanks [SOI] Many GEOs - Registration DOIadmitad AR +23$6.25
Fortnite [CPI, iOS] PL, RU - Installadmitad PL +1$0.9
Submarino BR - Paid orderadmitad BR4.54%
Stonies [SOI] PL - Rejestracjaadmitad PL$0.34
Star Stable [SOI] JP KR SG - Registration SOIadmitad JP +2$2.4
Aufstieg der Drachen [SOI] AT DE CH - Registrationadmitad AT +2$2.69

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