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5 Paisa [CPA, android] IN - Registration Newadmitad IN$0.3
Latvijashipoteka [CPL, CPS] LV - Approved lead from a new clientadmitad LV$25.9
Latvijashipoteka [CPL, CPS] LV - First issued mortgage loanadmitad LV$60.44
HDFC Ergo Health [CPL] IN - Leadadmitad IN$1.5
Zaliczka [CPS] PL - First issued loanadmitad PL$18.13
Zaliczka [CPS] PL - Second issued loanadmitad PL$8.63
Solcredito [CPL] MX - Approved leadadmitad MX$2.16
AngelBroking [CPA] IN - Sale - Account openadmitad IN$30.93
Dineria MX - First Standard loan issued / First Trust loan issued (15.38€ - 3.84€)admitad MX$17.27
IIFL App [CPR] IN - Registrationadmitad IN$0.26
SMAVA [CPS] DE - Issued loanadmitad DE1.5%
Yes Bank First [CPL] IN - Leadadmitad IN$8.71
Szybka Gotowka [CPS] PL - Reissue of the loanadmitad PL$6.01
Reliance Health Insurance [CPL] IN - Get a quoteadmitad IN$2.54
Tanikredyt [CPS] PL - First issued loanadmitad PL$20.27
Tanikredyt [CPS] PL - Reissue of the loanadmitad PL$12.16
Alior Bank [CPS] PL - Konto Internetoweadmitad PL$18.98
Alior Bank [CPS] PL - Kredyt konsolidacyjnyadmitad PL1.5%
ICICI Securities [CPL] IN - Leadadmitad IN$1.74
Clearscore [CPL] IN - Leadadmitad IN$0.87
Lime-kredyt [CPS] PL - First issued loanadmitad PL$40.85
Policybazaar Termlife [CPL] IN - Leadadmitad IN$1.02
Policybazaar Investment [CPL] IN - Leadadmitad IN$1.02
darlehen_einfach_DE - Confirmed leadadmitad DE$8.63
Go Paysense [CPA] IN - Registrationadmitad IN$1.41
Master Trust [CPL] IN - Leadadmitad IN$1.45
Travelex Many GEOs - Paid orderadmitad AU +60.76%
Acko CarInsurance [CPL] IN - leadadmitad IN$0.58
Wonga [CPS] PL - First issued loanadmitad PL$33.41
Freezl [CPS] PL - First issued loanadmitad PL$10.36

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