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Star Stable - CPL - SOI (Desktop) NO - Non incentMintegrated NO$0.88
zonefor18.pl (MultiGeo), [PPI], Dla dorosłych, WebKamerki, women, date, sex, sexy, tinder, flirt
MX +247AdultMyLead
MyLead MX +247$1.8
DHgate-Online Wholesale Stores - CPA (iPhone 10.0+, iPad 10.0+) INTL 226 countries - Non incentMintegrated MX +224$1.51
NO - IOS - VPN Norton[NO]Adsterra NO$0.72
Software Update[NO]Adsterra NO$0.16
Flash Player[NO]Adsterra NO$0.16
Virus Hunter tier1 PREL ADV[NO]Adsterra NO$0.1
Virus Hunter TIER1 direct url[NO]Adsterra NO$0.1
Update Your Flash DDL[NO]Adsterra NO$0.16
Update Your Flash Player[NO]Adsterra NO$0.16
Recommended Update Flashplayer[NO]Adsterra NO$0.16
NetCapsule VPN[NO]Adsterra NO$0.1
Tomato VPN[NO]Adsterra NO$0.1
AZIMO (Android 5.0+) INTL 19 countries - Non incentMobiletraffic.de AU +18$0.55
Push collection-primo - Windows - Chrome, Edge (Desktop) INTL 13 countries - Non incentMintegrated AU +12$0.31
Saramart (CPA) (iPhone 9.0+, iPad 9.0+) INTL 17 countries - Non incentDoberman Media AU +16$1.54
SluttyMatches (CPL) (Gender Targeting) (iPhone, iPad, Android, Desktop) US CA AU NO DK - Non incentMobiletraffic.de NO$3.25
SluttyHour (CPL) (Gender Targeting) (iPhone, iPad, Android, Desktop) US GB CA AU NZ NO DK - Non incentMobiletraffic.de NO$3.25
Wild Hot Milfs (CPL) (Gender Targeting) (iPhone, iPad, Android, Desktop) INTL 9 countries - Non incentMobiletraffic.de NO$3.25
Crossout - CPP (Desktop) INTL 9 countries - Non incentMintegrated AU +8$4
Star Conflict - CPP (Desktop) INTL 12 countries - Non incentMintegrated AU +11$1.4
Cuisine Royale - CPP (Desktop) INTL 11 countries - Non incentMintegrated AU +10$1.68
mediaplayerpro24.ml (MultiGeo), [PPI], Rozrywka, Filmy & VOD, cinema, tv, series, film, streamMyLead MX +247$1.8
VirusHunter - Android (MultiGeo), [PPI], Rozrywka, Aplikacje, app, mobileMyLead AE +22$0.09
Hyper Cleaner Extension - Edge (MultiGeo), [PPI], InnaMyLead MX +28$0.88
MacKeeper - Tier 2 (AT,BE,DK,FI,FR,DE,IT,JP,NL,NO,ZA,ES,SE,CH,TR), [PPI], Rozrywka, Aplikacje, app, mobileMyLead AT +14$1.22
zonefor-18.ml (MultiGeo), [PPI], Dla dorosłych, WebKamerki, women, date, sex, sexy, tinder, flirt
MX +247AdultMyLead
MyLead MX +247$1.82
stream-online24.ml (MultiGeo), [PPI], Rozrywka, Filmy & VOD, Transmisje sportowe, cinema, tv, series, film, stream, fun, game, games, football, soccerMyLead MX +247$1.8
fastfiles.cf (MultiGeo), [PPI], Download, file, files, cpiMyLead MX +247$1.8
NordVPN (IDFA required) (iPhone 11.0+, iPad 11.0+) INTL 247 countries - Non incentMobiletraffic.de MX +245$1.6

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