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888 Sports iOS DE [CPA] - Deposit [mobile,tablet] [iOS]Clicxy DE$49
Get It Free – Dominos Desktop/iOS US (INCENT)Clicxy US$0.35
M&S Luxury Christmas Shop CPL UK (INCENT)Clicxy UK$0.56
John Lewis Secret Shopper - Christmas CPL UK (INCENT)Clicxy UK$0.56
HomeAdvisor Android US CPI GAID [Android]Clicxy US$1.3
AARP Rewards CPL US (Incent)Clicxy US$1.5
PAYBACK Android DE CPI (AppName&GAID) - install [mobile,tablet] [Android]Clicxy DE$0.5
iTC Opportunities Survey Router/Daily Survey CPL USClicxy US$0.6
Test Integration offerClicxy WW$0.1
Sms2Go Android DE CPR [mobile,tablet] [Android]Clicxy DE$0.9
Sms2Go Android IT CPR [mobile,tablet] [Android]Clicxy IT$0.46
Nord VPN iOS FR CPA - purchase [mobile,tablet] [iOS]Clicxy FR$38
Nord VPN iOS UAE CPA - purchase [mobile,tablet] [iOS]Clicxy AE$38
MALINE iOS JP CPR [mobile,tablet] [iOS]Clicxy JP$2.2
888Casino iOS UK [CPA] TEST!!! - Deposit [tablet,mobile] [iOS]Clicxy UK$100
888Poker iOS UK [CPA] - Deposit [tablet,mobile] [iOS]Clicxy UK$100
Spoon Radio iOS JP CPI (Hard KPI) (IDFA) [tablet,mobile] [iOS]Clicxy JP$0.4
브랜디 Brandi Android KR CPA (Hard KPI) [mobile,tablet] [Android]Clicxy KR$1.2
あいます (Aimasu) iOS JP CPA (Registration) (Appnames) [mobile,tablet] [iOS]Clicxy JP$4.5
インスタント (Instant) iOS JP CPI (Hard KPI) [mobile,tablet] [iOS]Clicxy JP$0.9
RoboKiller: Block Spam Calls iOS US CPI (Hard KPI) (IDFA) [tablet,mobile] [Android]Clicxy US$0.29
TheLotter iOS UA CPA - Deposit [mobile,tablet] [iOS]Clicxy UA$38
TheLotter iOS NZ CPA - Deposit [mobile,tablet] [iOS]Clicxy NZ$38
TheLotter iOS PE CPA - Deposit [mobile,tablet] [iOS]Clicxy PE$38
TheLotter iOS IN CPA - Deposit [mobile,tablet] [iOS]Clicxy IN$38
マジクル (Magicle) iOS JP CPR [mobile,tablet] [iOS]Clicxy JP$2.9
Fiverr iOS US CPI (Hard KPI) [mobile,tablet] [Android]Clicxy US$1.4
DELISH KITCHEN iOS JP (Hard KPI) [mobile,tablet] [iOS]Clicxy JP$2.1
Home Advisor iOS US IDFA Mandatory CPI [tablet,mobile] [iOS]Clicxy US$1.5
Shopkick iOS US CPI - install [iOS]Clicxy US$1.1

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