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Zappfresh [CPV] IN - Saleadmitad IN$4.21
Quickride [CPA] IN - Passengeradmitad IN$0.7
Quickride [CPA] IN - Rideradmitad IN$0.7
Credy [CPS] AR - Approved loanadmitad AR$5.2
Galaxus DE - Paid orderadmitad DE3%
HelpMoney PL - First issued loanadmitad PL$21.5
HelpMoney PL - Reissue of the loanadmitad PL$10.75
Battle for the Galaxy [CPS] Many GEOs - Game Purchaseadmitad WW40%
Finzmo [CPL] MX - Approved leadadmitad MX$2.71
Jivaayurveda [CPA] IN - Leadadmitad IN$4.25
Mirraw [CPS] IN - Mobile Web Saleadmitad IN10%
Mirraw [CPS] IN - Desktop Saleadmitad IN10%
Crezu [CPL] MX - Approved leadadmitad MX$0.61
Intermiles [CPS] IN - Saleadmitad IN$3.2
GoAir new [CPS] IN - Saleadmitad IN$2
Airasia [CPS] IN - Saleadmitad IN$1.4
Amex_Express[CPL] IN - MRCCadmitad IN$7.01
Amex_Express[CPL] IN - SmartEarnadmitad IN$6
Privalia [CPL] ES - Lead (registration)admitad ES$2.17
Perfumes Club [CPS] IT FR - Paid order with coupon codeadmitad FR +13%
Perfumes Club [CPS] IT FR - Paid order without a coupon codeadmitad FR +18%
NV Gallery [FR] - Paid orderadmitad FR6.15%
UprightPose Many GEO's - Paid orderadmitad BR +2$30.76
Credy [CPL, CPS] MX - Completed application formadmitad MX$0.83
Credy [CPL, CPS] MX - Approved loanadmitad MX$10
Kids Academy [CPA, IOS] US, CA, GB - Trialadmitad CA +2$17.69
SuperGrosz PL - First issued loanadmitad PL$35.19
Malaysia Airlines [CPS] Many Geo's - Saleadmitad AU +171%
FabIndia [CPL] IN - Leadadmitad IN$1.4
Opinion World [CPL] IN - Lead INadmitad IN +1$1.96

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