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Mahindra Bolero [CPL] IN - leadadmitad IN$2.46
Cashwagon [CPA, Android] PH - Request for a loanadmitad PH$0.69
ButySportowe PL - Paid orderadmitad PL6.15%
Veromoda [CPS] IN - saleadmitad IN7.14%
Vialet [Android, CPS] Many GEO's - Card ordered (Android)admitad AT +30$12.76
Shopee id - paid orderadmitad ID1.5%
1MG [CPS] IN - New User Saleadmitad IN$3.52
TREND MICRO FR - Paid orderadmitad FR20%
American Express Credit-card [CPL] IN - Lead - Smart Earnadmitad IN$4.92
Sharekhan [CPA] IN - Leadadmitad IN$12.06
Maate [CPV] IN - Saleadmitad IN20%
A2Hosting [CPS] WW - Saleadmitad WW$60
Jaguar F-Pace [CPL] IN - Leadadmitad IN$19.7
Norton [CPS] APAC, LATAM - Saleadmitad MX +22$35
MaxLifeInsurance [CPL] IN - Leadadmitad IN$1.48
Raid: Shadow Legends [CPP] DE AT CH - Effective Registrationadmitad AT +2$16
Raid: Shadow Legends [CPP] US CA AU NZ - Effective Registrationadmitad AU +3$16
Rise of Angels [SOI Esprit] ES - Registrationadmitad ES$1.6
Eternal Fury [SOI Esprit] EN + Many GEOs - Registrationadmitad CA +7$2.13
Game of Thrones [SOI, 101XP.COM] TR - Registrationadmitad RU +1$0.67
Game of thrones [SOI, 101XP.COM] PL - Registrationadmitad PL$1.11
Bajaj Finserv Professional Loan [CPL] IN - Leadadmitad IN$4.43
Footlocker AE SA KW - Paid orderadmitad AE +212%
Kotak 811 [CPA] IN - Leadadmitad IN$4.92
bunq [CPS] Many GEO's - Card issued 3 - 19 euradmitad AT +29$16.64
Joigifts MENA - Paid orderadmitad AE +210%
TheSouledStore [CPS] IN - Saleadmitad IN10%
CARBERY [CPI, iOS] RU - Install on iOSadmitad RU$0.98
IIFL Mutual Fund [CPA] IN - Leadadmitad IN$4.92
Cashwagon [CPA, Android] ID - Request for a loanadmitad ID$0.69

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