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Campaigns targeting & restrictions:

Ghana (GH)


Target Carriers
Vodafone & Airtel

Desktop & Mobiles (Android, iOS & featured phone)

wifi & 3G

Conversion Flow:

Mobile - 2 clicks flow (Android & IOS8 and above) / Desktop- SMS

Traffic, banners & prelander:

Not allowed/Prohibited:

X No mislead (creative must call to action). Not allow: You are the winner / won / xxx unclaimed prizes / Claimed your prizes xxx

X No Push notification/Bulk/SMS traffics

X Not allow WhatsApp/Viber traffic
Serious offence *

X strictly prohibited auto-subscribing MSISDNs/i-frame traffics/malicious APP with AutoSub
Serious offence *

X No adult/Porn traffics

Require approval from advertiser:

Any custom pre-lander/ Generic creatives MUST send for approval.

Other Restrictions: **

Not allowed - Misleading and irrelevancy
Serious offence *

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