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WGT golf by Topgolf (iPhone eleven.0 , iPad 11.0 ) United States of America - Non incent

The #1 free golf by Topgolf Media, as seen on NBC Sports, Golf Channel, DIRECTV and FOX Sports. that includes full medal play on rock Beach, Bandon Dunes (Golf Digest #1 rated resort), Chambers Bay and St Andrews from the PGA Tour.D one Retention half-hour Less then ten will not be paid! Fradulent conversions are going to be scrubbed
In-app activity and CTIT square measure monitored
PLS note that hourly chromium for NON-INCENT offers ought to be 1-2%. Otherwise traffic are going to be thought of as incentivised and will be scrubbed
The overwhelming majority of conversions square measure to be delivered from the latest versions of OS Model
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Devices: mobile, tablet

Please note that every one offers (including or not a Key Performance Indicator) square measure subject to fraud analysis and also the following criteria typically applies (this may be a market silent demand to avoid fraud):

Incent offers: 0%-­3% R.rate is sometimes thought of suspicious by our shoppers.

Non­incent offers: 0%-15% R.rate is sometimes thought of suspicious by our shoppers.

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