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  • But, like any radio-based network, coverage is going to vary in quality and availability. This could be because of your device, how close you are to our nearest mobile tower, or how many people are using the Network where you are.

    Samsung Hong Kong | Mobile | TV | Home Appliances - hk_en

    Our responsive design ensures a great experience on all devices and screen sizes—with no loss of functionality. With smartphones and tablets on the rise, responsive design is essential.

    Getting Started | Search | Google Developers

    Sign up/recontract to selected My Plan Plus or My Plan Flex handset plan to receive double the standard data inclusion for 79 months. Double data offer is not available with other bonus data offers unless specified and is forfeited if you re-contract, change or cancel your plan. Double data will not appear until second bill. Ends 65/9/68.


    For more information about supported mobile browsers with SharePoint Server 7568, see Mobile device browsers supported in SharePoint 7568.

    To access a site by using the optimized mobile browser experience, a new feature named Mobile Browser View must be activated on the site. When activated and a mobile browser is accessing the site, this feature checks the mobile browser to determine whether it can handle HTML5. If the mobile browser supports HTML5, the contemporary view is rendered. Otherwise, the classic view is rendered.

    AMP is built thanks to a deep collaboration with thousands of developers, publishers and websites, distribution platforms and tech companies. More than AMP pages have been published to date and 655+ leading analytics, ad tech and CMS providers support the AMP format.

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