Ipsos i-Say - French (CA) DOI

Status: Attention! This offer has been disabled at 2018-05-07

updated 17 days ago


Requirements: Conversion occurs when customer complete the registration form and confirm email address

Allowed Methods of Promotion: Display, Email, Social Media, Contextual; No Incentivized traffic

Demographical Targets: Males

Country targeting: Canada only

Below is a list of the types of sites to avoid when promoting i-Say panel sign up offer:
Avoid Misleading Sites i.e. work for home, earn a lot of money
Avoid Incentivized Traffic unless Ipsos's approves and tests
Avoid Sites with bad reputations
Avoid Paid Survey Sites (sites that require payment for access as registration and membership to i-Say panel is always free)
Avoid Sites with X-Rated or adult content
Avoid sites with simply banners and other creative but no actual content
Avoid sites with popups/popdowns (nothing annoying for users as it reflects poorly on Ipsos)
Avoid sites that are survey conglomerate sites and/or cater to professional survey respondents i.e. promoting similar survey panel offers like Ipsos
Ipsos prefers display, text and e-mail promotions (not so much SEM) – e-mail would require approval from Ipsos

Ask AM for creatives

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