My Cafe: Recipes & Stories - iPhone, iPad, iPod --- CN (H)

Status: Attention! This offer has been disabled at 2018-04-18

updated 06 days ago


Device targeting - iOS 10.0+

KPI (hard):
1. Retention rate >40%
2. Achived 1 level >30%
3. CR min 0.5% and max 3%

Traffic Restrictions:
-No Incent
-No Adult Traffic
-No Rebrokering or Network to Network Rebrokering
-No Mobile Redirect Traffic
-No Push Notifications
-No App Discovery Traffic
-No Offerwall Traffic
-No Invalid or duplicate leads
-No Search
-No Brand bidding
-No Social Networks
-No Facebook Traffic
-No Exchange (Mopub, Appnexus, smaato, etc.)
-No Icon-Drop Traffic
-No duplicated session IPs

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