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  • Lit: one thing WUFRLG Brady PWRAED Super Bowl SPR-BL worthy WO*ERT status STA*TS stats STATS exercise KPERZ attempted TAEPLTD refuse R-F vegetable SREPBLG inflammation TPHRAPLGS enjoy SKWRAOEU exist KP*EUS existence KPEUFPBS diet TKAO*EUT indict TKAOEUT sugar SHAOUG dairy TKA*ER coffee KOEF caffeine KAEFPB gulp TKPWHRUP restroom R-RPL ducking TKUBGDZ exhausted KPAUFD inspired SPOEURD.

    Today's Briefs Archives

    From the pervading sense of vulnerability surrounding Ebola to the visibility into acts of crime or misconduct that ignited critical conversations about race, gender, and violence, various senses of exposure were out in the open this year.

    's List of Every Word of the Year

    Lit: essence STPHEPBS civilization S*EUFGS ideas KWR-DZ itself EUFRTS twentieth century #75-S 6555 #655E 6855 #65E8 develop TKWOP development TKWOPLT themselves THEPLSZ scientific STEUFBG criteria KRA all that AULGTS cleanly KHRAOEPBL neatly TPHAOELT couple of KPHR-F a couple of KPHRAEUF heredity TKH- marriage PHAERPBLG Europe AOURP Poland POEPBLD England TKPWHREPBD North America TPH*ERBG network TPHERBG.

    |Knoxville, TN | Lawn Mower Parts

    Lit: 95 years #95-RZ countless KOUPBLS mountain PHOEPBT wounded WAOUPBTD slogging SHROGDZ closest KHRO*ES boundary PWROURPBD camera KARPL region RAOEPBLG formation TPORPLGS pasture PA*URS Canada KA*PBD Canadian KA*EPBD Rocky RO*EUBG Rockies RO*EUBGS rocky ROEUBG folding TPOLGD camp KAFRP timber TEURPL limber HR*EURPL living room HREURPL a bit AEUBT valley SRA*EL Israel SRAOEL Israeli SRAEL veal SRAO*EL.

    Q&A: show you SHO*U showing you SHO*UG that's the THA*ESZ what's the WHA*ESZ Allison A*LS through him THRAO*UFRP before this PWR-TSDZ three years THRAOERZ two years TWRAOERZ haircuts HAEURBGTS come back KPWOPL coming back KPWOPLG compared KPAEURD compared to KPA*EURD compared to the KPA*EURTD 85 minutes #85*PLTS he asked EPGSZ Lowe's HRO*EZ did your TK*RBG did he go TKEG Cadillac KALD come out KPHOUT.

    Lit: syndrome STKROEPL nervous TPH*FS nervous system TPH*FSZ and over again SKPO*EFRG childhood KHAOD grow up TKPWRO*EP grew up TKPWRAO*UP grope TKPWROEP group TKPWRAOUP differences TKEUFRSZ chemicals KEPLZ messages PHEPBLGZ research REFRPB researcher R*EFRPB likely HRAOEUL Lyle HRAO*EUL excitement KPAOEUPLT severe SAO*EFR embarrass KPWAEUFRS embarrassing KPWAEUFRG motor PHOERT.

    Lit: appreciate PRAOERBT implication KPWHREUBGZ ideas KWR-DZ why does KWR*DZ useless AOULS emotion PHOERB repeated RAOEPTD repeatedly RAOEPLTD dichotomy TKAOEUBGT higher HAO*EUR hire HAOEUR visual SREURBL perception PERPGS retrieval TRAO*EFL scientists ST*EUSZ is to STO appraise PRAEF appraisal PRAEFL input KWR*EUPT I didn't want KWREUPT appropriate PROEP appropriately PROEPL detect TKEBGT sympathetic STHEUBG widening WAO*EUPBGD winding WAOEUPBGD.

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