True Love (Orange) (2 click flow) (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone, BlackBerry) ES - Non incent

Status: Attention! This offer has been disabled at 2018-05-29

updated 25 days ago


FLOW: 2 click flow
User flow: Clicks on BanneràGets to LP page àClicks on LPà Gets to AOC pageàClicks subscribe àSuccessful subscription
Carrier Targeting: Orange
Devices / OS's: All- No incent traffic.
- Don't use banners or pre-landings not reviewed by the advertiser first.- Don't use misleading advertising.- Don't use intersticials.- No Social traffic. Specially Facebook.- Don't use App brands or Games free to advertise our mobile subscription services.- Prohibit brands: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Telegram, Whatsapp, Candy Crush, Fifa, My Talking Tom or Clash of clans.- no adult traffic- no redirect traffic

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