Well Hello (CPL) (SOI) (Desktop) US AU CA NZ GB - Non incent

Status: Attention! This offer has been disabled at 2018-04-18

updated 09 days ago


DescriptionFlow - SOI (pixel fires on user's registration)Mobiles only
RestrictionsTarget audience - males, aged at 18+

Allowed traffic types:Desktop Only
NOT Allowed traffic types:
Torrent TrafficBrokering OffersIncentive TrafficMobile TrafficSMS trafficClickUnderPop Under AdvertisingPush – advertisingToolbar – advertisingCoregistrationsViral TrafficProxy Browser

Affbank presents an exclusive Other offer from Jungletap that excepts traffic from Other! If you ever tried to push money-making offers, you are aware that it's worth the effort. Well Hello (CPL) (SOI) (Desktop) US AU CA NZ GB - Non incent offer will bring you to $1.35 profit, guaranteed. Restriction: only CPL traffic type!

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