iPhone X Sweepstakes - DACH - DOI - Incentive

Status: Active

updated 08 hours ago


By participating to the iPhone X Sweepstakes, the user has the chance to win an iPhone of your choice!

Publishers cannot promote with any misleading information, logos, trademarks or brand names.

SOLELY the use of the approved material (banners, e-mails templates, etc.) can be used. If alterations or additions are needed to the existing material, it must be sent for approval. This includes pre-landers and the creation of a landing page, prior to its publication.

Additional creative banners are available. Please contact your Affiliate Manager for more information.

Converts on a Double Opt-In.

The reason you should start promoting iPhone X Sweepstakes - DACH - DOI - Incentive is simple - it is super-convertible! Choose it if you want to earn global and act local - focus your efforts on the Other from Austria, Germany, Switzerland. As much as many marketers wanted to sign up for MaxBounty, it is available only for Affbank affiliates! Each sale brings $2.00 to your pocket.

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