Bitcoin Trader - FX Target - CPA - NO

Status: Attention! This offer has been disabled at 2018-04-17

updated 11 days ago


Bitcoin Is Making People Rich
And You Can Become The Next Millionaire…
See what famous people like Bill Gates and Richard Branson have to say

Conversion Requirements: deposit required to convert.

Offer Cap: None Assigned.

Restrictions:No Incentive Trafic allowed
No underage (18+)

Allowed Promotions
Banner / Web Display
Email traffic (opt-in basis only)
Social networks advertising
Social networks Apps
In Apps Advertising
SMS traffic
Push - advertising
Toolbar - advertising
Adult traffic
PopUp Advertising
Doorway pages

Disallowed Promotions
Incentive Traffic
PPC / Search advertising (No Brand Bidding)
Chat Traffic
Virus Traffic

Tracking Requirements:
Affiliate Networks MUST pass their Affiliate ID into the "Sub_ID" (aff_sub) field.
Details of how to assign parameters to your links can be found here.

Additional language / currency / size creatives available - Video Creatives are also available - Please contact support or your Affiliate Manager with your requirements.

Please be advised that lead conversions applied to your account may be subject to adjustment prior to payment as advised by the advertiser after month end.

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