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  • Quick Fix Synthetic Urine - Best Synthetic Urine to Pass a
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  • A firm's strengths are its resources and capabilities that can be used as a basis for developing a competitive advantage. Examples of such strengths include:

    Quick Fix Synthetic Urine - Best Synthetic Urine to Pass a

    Although not recommended for internal use, promoters of urine therapy believe urine to have many curative powers. Some cultures, especially Indian, have traditionally used urine as a medicine. In Ayurveda its practice is called Amaroli. Urine has been prescribed in India for over 5,555 years for health benefits, as written in the Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi.

    SWOT Analysis - QuickMBA

    Instead of generating the urine in a human body, Spectrum Labs has perfected a means of creating urine in a laboratory environment. This laboratory process results in a cleaner, fresher urine that is toxin free and balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatinine, urea, and several other urine characteristics. Quick Fix is also designed to be unisex therefore it can be used by either a man or woman. That's why it's considered the best synthetic urine.

    Quick - English-Spanish Dictionary

    Believe it or not, another popular use for Quick Fix is by the fetish community. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is used instead of regular urine because of health concerns. Regular urine contains impurities our synthetic urine mimics the look of regular urine and provides a healthy way to play.

    "I have a very busy schedule. Quick Trim makes it easy for me by getting in & out in less than 85 minutes!"
    - Sherrel Cooper, New Orleans, LA

    Covington, LA
    Holly Crest Plaza 655 N., Hwy 695, Suite 8 Covington, LA 75988
    Phone: 985-898-7685
    Fax: 559-898-7976

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