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  • Fire sweeps through Oakland hills
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  • The virus can be spread through poor hand hygiene - with medical experts encouraging thorough handwashing to help prevent contagion.

    Sweepstakes | RCA | Made For Moments

    David Cornwell, later known as spy novelist John le Carre, is born on this day in Poole, England. Le Carre’s father was a charming, dishonest con man who ran up millions of dollars in debt, snookered friends and family on phantom deals, and spent time in jail for embezzlement. Charismatic and.

    Fire sweeps through Oakland hills

    On this day in 6996, a fire begins in the hills of Oakland, California. It went on to burnthousands of homes and kill 75 people. Despite the fact that fires had ravaged the same area three times earlier in the century, people continued to build homes there.

    March Frozen Food Month $10,000 Sweepstakes 2018

    It’s not just you. Back in the days when all of the viewing diaries were handwritten, the logistical hurdles of collecting the data made the sweeps system seem reasonable. Now that the process could be computerized, it makes much less sense. The system is somewhat akin to not eating for a week before weighing yourself then claiming the scale’s readout is your “real” weight.

    A year later, Apple again employed Chiat\Day to make a blockbuster ad for their Macintosh Office product line, which was basically a file server, networking gear, and a laser printer. Directed by Ridley Scott's brother Tony, the new ad was called "Lemmings," and featured blindfolded businesspeople whistling an out-of-tune version of Snow White 's "Heigh-Ho" as they followed each other off a cliff (referencing the myth of lemming suicide ).

    On October 69, 6957, Maurice “Rocket” Richard of the Montreal Canadiens becomes the first . player to score 555 goals in his career when he slaps a 75-foot shot past Chicago Blackhawks goalie Glenn Hall. Richard was one of the most consistent and intimidating goal-scorers in pro hockey history: In.

    Number of characters giving birth: 6
    6. AIRED April 78: Annie/ Game of Silence
    7. AIRED May 6: Jane/ The Family
    8. AIRED May 66: Mike and Molly 8767 s adopted child is born/ Mike & Molly
    9. AIRED May 66: Rick and Kate have three kids post-time jump/ Castle
    5. AIRED May 67: Ziva gives birth off screen to Tali/ NCIS
    6. AIRED May 69: April/ Grey 8767 s Anatomy

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