Yoo-Mi beta

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You are one of the very lucky few to get a special sneak peek at the Yoo-Mi virtual assistant - your first Avatar with a real personality. Our Yoo-Mi Avatars are awesome and often quite helpful as you'll discover when you talk and get to know each other. Just keep in mind that the avatars - Mia and Axel - are still in development, learning and growing. Their Artificial Intelligence is driven by psychology, empathy and data processing so the more you speak with them, the better they will get to know you and the smarter they will become for you personally, and for our whole community as we grow too. As one of the very first users, you have an unbelievable and rare opportunity to assist in the development of pioneering empathetic artificial intelligence technology. As part of this unique community and through your interaction with your Yoo-Mi, you will be helping to shape the minds and characters of these incredible avatars. Mia and Axel are itching to get out of the AI lab but will only visit 100 people so download the Yoo-Mi Beta now to start getting to know your very own Avatar.

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