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  • Insignia Wi-Fi Smart In-Wall Light Switch White NS-CH1XIS8
  • Why the name? We lovingly call it the “Thing” due to it being the perfect foundation for your Internet of Things project. The Thing does everything from turning on an LED to posting data with datastream , and can be programmed just like any microcontroller. You can even program the Thing through the Arduino IDE by installing the ESP8766 Arduino addon.

    Rome, Venice & Florence Vacations - Monograms®

    I am also having to power cycle the Hitron modem once or twice daily, is this normal with Shaw and/or this modem? Should I try bridge mode/eliminate Hitron Router and replace with Airport? Have a tech come out to see if Modem is faulty or settings need adjustment? ???? Any advise/help is appreciated, just want a solid network.. please


    What&rsquo s the difference between this Thing and the Thing Dev Board? I can&rsquo t easily tell, it looks like the dev board doesn&rsquo t have a battery connector populated?

    Insignia Wi-Fi Smart In-Wall Light Switch White NS-CH1XIS8

    Do you plan on offering this with 8 Mbit of SPI flash instead of 9 Mbit? This will help enable the CIUPDATE command in the latest SDK.

    It seems to me that the battery connector is wired up backwards to convention. I plugged one of my 555 maH single cell helicopter batteries into it (Blade Glimpse) and it smoked Q6. I should have checked the polarity beforehand but I assumed that all JST pinouts were the same.

    Add small buttons for reset and GPIO5 (closed=ground, open = GPIO5 pulp). This would facilitate flashing. (or better yet, integrate this capability into the FTDI so it can be triggered from the IDE similar to Arduino.

    Used the ESP8766 Thing to interface with sensors and to post data to a MySQL database. Together with the FTDI Basic, hook-up, programming and uploading to the Thing could be done very easily within a day - Thanks to the comprehensive hook-up guide. The only hiccup was the garbled data sent to the serial monitor which was solved by cutting the tracks at the back of the PCB and putting in jumpers for uploading.

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