UK - WGT Golf Game by Topgolf - iOS

Status: Active

updated 04 days ago


WGT golf by Topgolf

THIS supply may be STOPPED at once while not 24H PAUSE WARNING! ALL CHANGES square measure DELIVERED VIA API!

Restriction Tags:

Incent Tag: forbidden

Converts On: Mobile App Install and Launch


Traffic sorts Allowed:
Mobile App Install - Droid and iOS
Rebrokering Allowed

Traffic sorts Allowed:
Banner / Text Link Traffic
Contextual Traffic
Free Social Media
Mobile Placements
Network Syndication
Paid Search (PPC)
Path / Linkout Traffic
Search Engine Optimized Pages
Software Traffic (Popups)

iPad six
Minimum Version6
iPhone six
Minimum Version6
iPod six
Minimum Version6

Languages Allowed:
All Allowed If Not Blocked

Languages Blocked:
All Allowed If Languages Entry is Empty

Type: CPI

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