TW - 崑崙墟 - iOS

Status: Attention! This offer has been disabled at 2018-08-01

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崑崙墟 (iPhone 8.0 , iPad 8.0 ) TW - Non incent

傳說 崑崙是通往仙界的唯一通道,我能在那裏遇見你嗎?


CR less than 3%. KPI: half-hour Retention Rate (2nd day).

Restriction Tags:
Adult traffic
Bot traffic
Invalid or duplicate leads
Duplicated IPs
Fraud traffic

Incent Tag: forbidden

Platforms: iPhone eight.0 , iPad 8.0
Please note that every one offers (including or not a Key Performance Indicator) square measure subject to fraud analysis and also the following criteria typically applies (this may be a market silent demand to avoid fraud):

Incent offers: zero%-­3% R.rate is sometimes thought-about suspicious by our purchasers.

Non­incent offers: 0%-15% R.rate is sometimes thought-about suspicious by our purchasers.

The reason you should start promoting TW - 崑崙墟 - iOS is simple - it is super-convertible! Choose it if you want to earn global and act local - focus your efforts on the CPI from Taiwan. As much as many marketers wanted to sign up for Mobaloo, it is available only for Affbank affiliates! Each sale brings $0.41 to your pocket.

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