KR - 열혈강호 for kakao - iOS

Status: Active

updated 06 hours ago


***/// Yulgang for Kakao iOS KR SENSITIV E

HARD KPI: 10% Deposit Rate D7 

Restriction Tags:

Incent Tag: forbidden

Converts On: Mobile App Install and Launch


Traffic Types Allowed:
Mobile App Install - Droid and iOS

Traffic Types Allowed:
Banner / Text Link Traffic

Minimum Version0

Languages Allowed:
All Allowed If Not Blocked

Languages Blocked:
All Allowed If Languages Entry is Empty

Type: CPA
Please note that all offers (including or not a Key Performance Indicator) are subject to fraud analysis and the following criteria usually applies (this is a market tacit requirement to avoid fraud):

Incent offers: 0%-­3% R.rate is usually considered suspicious by our clients.

Non­incent offers: 0%-15% R.rate is usually considered suspicious by our clients.

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