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  • ENGINE DATA MINI COOPER MINI COOPER S Displacement cu in / cm xB5 / 6,598 / 6,598 Number of cylinders Maximum output hp / kW 665 / 85 668 / 675 at engine speed 6,555 6,555 Maximum torque lb ft / Nm.

    MINI Cooper Forum - Fuel For Your MINI Obsession - MINI

    Tire coding DOT Quality Grades Tread wear Knowledge of the labeling on the side of the tire Traction AA A B C makes it easier to identify and choose the right Temperature A B C tires. All passenger car tires must conform to Federal Safety Requirements in addition Tire size to these.

    MINI Cooper Forum

    Lights up in red: Engine malfunction Stop the car and switch off the engine. You cannot continue your journey. Contact your MINI dealer. Lights up in yellow: Full engine power no longer available You can continue your journey, but moderate your speed and exercise due caution.

    2019 Mini Cooper Pictures, Pricing, and Info - 2019 Mini

    PARK DISTANCE CONTROL (PDC) The concept You can have a signal tone set by your The volume can be set by your MINI MINI Dealer as a confirmation that Dealer. The PDC assists you when you back into a PDC has been activated..

    Controls overview Odometer, outside Press the button in the turn indicator lever repeatedly until the current speed appears temperature display, in the lower display. clock Wait for the speed display to automatically move to the upper display. The outside temperature then appears in the lower display.

    MINI Convertible: luggage compartment Do not place any objects on the luggage compartment roller cover, as this may damage the cover or the convertible top..

    Brake system x7568 external Care x7568 breaking in x7568 high-pressure washers Cigarette lighter x7568 disc brakes x7568 internal Cleaning headlamps x7568 MINI Maintenance x7568 leather x7568 washer fluid System x7568 manual washing Clock Brakes x7568 upholstery and fabrics x7568 67h/79h mode x7568 .

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