BG Sexchannel

Status: Attention! This offer has been disabled at 2018-09-19

updated 03 days ago


Subscription service.
Download banners here
Conversion flow:2 click flow for 3G
Carriers Accepted: Vivacom

Target devices: iOS, Android smartphones, featurephones

Traffic targeting: 3G + wifi


No misleading traffic

No push notifications/sms/bulk traffic

No Facebook traffic

No incent traffic

No sweepstakes/trivia/antivirus/lottery/competition/religious/terrorism

No whatsapp/banner traffic

Own creatives and other materials must be preapproved

The reason you should start promoting BG Sexchannel is simple - it is super-convertible! Choose it if you want to earn global and act local - focus your efforts on the Other from Bulgaria. As much as many marketers wanted to sign up for WapEmpire, it is available only for Affbank affiliates! Each sale brings $1.50 to your pocket.

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