Momoxxio - Antivirus - PIN (SI)

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  • [MOB] Momoxxio Android Antivirus /GR | Affiliate Programs
  • Click the Delete option and Sophos Anti-Virus will remove the entire item from your computer. It will not attempt to remove malicious parts of the file and save the good parts (., a disinfection process).

    Offers of the Day - Best online promotional site in world

    Note: For Mac computers, most item that fails to be cleaned up is in a Time Machine backup & see article on How to remove malware from a Mac OS X computer.

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    [MOB] Momoxxio Android Antivirus /GR | Affiliate Programs

    If you are given the option to Authorize an item then Sophos Anti-Virus has detected that it is either Adware or a potentially unwanted application (PUA). These items are not necessarily malicious.

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    Most malware can be cleaned. However, as there are many different types of malware that infect or attempt to infect a computer by various methods, you may need to take extra steps to complete the process.

    Select the items displaying this option and then click Perform action Clean up. If further action is required (., reboot), Available action will change and it is described elsewhere in this table.

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