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Service type: FB accounts

Conditions: First-time deposit

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Expires at Aug 10, 2030

Receive $100 bonus for a first-time deposit 

We provide trusted 5+ years old facebook accounts via configured RDP with antidetect browser and high-quality residential proxy.   includes: 
 -resedential reverse proxy
 -fully settled-up browser with the cookies 
 -RDP access which needs just 1 click to get to your account.
The price per 1 account is from $100 to $400, depends on the account's geo.

 -most of the accts are 5+ years old (at least 2 but usually 10+)
 -most of the accts have 100 friends (at least 50, but we have accs with 1000+ friends if you need them) 

We guarantee that each of our account:
- is alive (has never been bruted, blocked, frozen or farmed)
- was never used for ads (No one made a mistake that might affect your further work) 

We also create a fresh Fan page + Business Manager

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