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Service type: Spy service

Conditions: Affbank users get 20% lifetime discount on Anstrex by using coupon code: affbank_20

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Expires at Jun 1, 2020

Spy on top advertisers currently dominating push notification ads

- More Data than Any Other Tool

- Most Accurate Data from Creatives To Landing Pages

- Visibility Into CPC Bids and History!!

- Access To Cloaked Pages Made Easy

Save On Marketing

Know what’s working before you launch a campaign by spying on the best in the business.

Quickly Test Any Landing Page

Rip any landing page, customize it and deploy it on server within a few minutes.

Learn Their Secrets

Our powerful filters lets you see what your competition is running…and where.

Drive More Traffic

Full Alexa & SimilarWeb integration tells you from where your competition is getting clicks.

Get Deep Data Insight

We give you data insights that no other platform can. Our geo partitioning algorithm takes into account traffic patterns in that particular location to provide extremely accurate data for each country.

Find Better Offers

Use our revolutionary Affiliate Offer Wall to see which affiliate offers the masters are selecting and running their campaigns from ads through landing pages.

Speed Up Your Time to Market

Get months’ worth of unbeatable research at your fingertips in minutes with our advanced search features.

Keep Up on Competition

Set up alerts and know instantly when new ads are launched. 

Affbank users get 20% lifetime discount on Anstrex by using coupon code: affbank_20



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