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Automated Clearing House, Wire, Paypal, Epayments
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Tapgerine is an ad tech company which fully concentrates on the global app ecosystem and adopts data-driven approaches for advertising and monetization. Our weapon is the exclusive technology that enables Tapgerine to pursue client media strategies and enlist participants from all channels and devices.

Tapgerine undertakes a mission in life: provide the perfect ads with data analytics and machine learning algorithms.

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Network offers

CASHe – Instant Personal Loans (Android) IN - Non incent IN$0.18
Amazon India Online Shopping and Payments (GAID required) (Android) IN - Non incent IN$0.16
Lazada Year (idfa is mandatory ) (iPhone 8.0+, iPad) VN - Non incent VN$0.64
Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals (gaid is mandatory) (Android 4.2+) PH - Non incent PH$0.8
Lazada - #1 Online Shopping idfa is mandatory (iPhone 8.0+, iPad) TH - Non incent TH$1.2
천하를 탐하다 (Android) KR - Non incent KR$0.9
鬼語迷城 (Android) TW - Non incent TW$1.05
foodpanda - Food Delivery (iPhone 10.0+, iPad 10.0+) SG - Non incent [PAUSE IN 24H] SG$1.46
Traveloka Book Flight & Hotel (iPhone 9.0+, iPad) MY - Non incent MY$0.8
Opera News - Trending news and videos (Android) ID - Non incent ID$0.12
foodpanda - Food Delivery (iPhone 10.0+, iPad 10.0+) SG - Non incent SG$1.46
foodpanda - Food Delivery (iPhone 10.0+, iPad 10.0+) HK - Non incent HK$1.15
Amazon - Shopping made easy (IDFA required) (iPhone 12.0+) KR - Non incent KR$2.15
포트리스M (Android 8.0+) KR - Non incent KR$0.75
포트리스M (iPhone 12.1+) KR - Non incent KR$0.75
MyWay - Direct Mutual Fund App (Android 4.1+) IN - Non incent IN$0.15
컴투스프로야구2018 (Android 8.0+) KR - Non incent KR$1.4
Lazada Year End Sale 10-12 Dec (iPhone 8.0+, iPad) VN - Non incent VN$0.64
Lazada (idfa is mandatory) (iPhone 8.0+, iPad) MY - Non incent MY$1.1
Lazada (idfa is mandatory) (iPhone 8.0+) ID - Non incent ID$0.7

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I love to work with the best teams only. And CPI Traffic is one of the best. It'...

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