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Cpainventory is considered as one of the best marketing online programs that help you get access to targeted geo.  Our CPA network has advanced traffic and thousands of quality publishers, so your offers can be exposed all over the world.  We always improve our capabilities to satisfy our customers’ needs. Working with us, you will have a chance to receive our customized performance-based solutions with the aim of promoting your ROI. Our affiliate marketing online program was created to provide the best traffic and surprise our clients with plentiful benefits we bring to. In addition to, in terms of payout, you will be assured to get the highest profit. We also have a team of experts with rich experience that can support you immediately to solve the problems whenever you need us.


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We follow Zero Fraud Tolerance policy. Leads from Same IPs and wrong geos can’t be considered valid. Refer screenshot

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Lily Foster

Lily Foster

This is a scam network, I started working with them middle of January, first they said I will get paid for my January conversions first week of march, and my February conversions first week of April which is ridiculous! then now they are saying 100% of my conversions are invalid, the only thing is I am working on thesame exact offer for the same exact customers in other networks and I never ever had any issues of this type, and I always got paid! So the only variable right now is this scam network being in the middle, messing up with people's money and with customers/ offers reputation cause they blamed it on the customer!Be careful people this network is just a pure ripoff!!PS, first thing they did is to deactivate my account so I wont be able to take screenshots to prove they took over $600 from me and ran away :D

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Offers quality1