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I have been working with this network for six months and I want to thank the staff members for our fruitful and effective cooperation. Cooins is an example of good work and high professionalism.

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3 weeks ago

Taurus S

I don't know any other network that works as good as Cooins.

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1 month ago


Looking forward to all the other networks, this one is the best. High quality offers, good support team, they're always helpful.

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2 months ago


Probably the best affiliate network in the world. Outstanding customer support. CS replies instantly everytime and payments are sent on the date with no excuses. I have got payment even faster than planned once. Payouts are really competitive.

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3 months ago


once i had got a situation with this team. but i still work with, because they are a good and professional team

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4 months ago


thanks Olga, she’s very kind and competitive manager! it’s a pleasure to work with her

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5 months ago


One of the best networks i’ve ever work with

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5 months ago

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