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Aivix is the largest finance affiliate program in affiliate marketing! For over 5 years in CPA marketing Aivix has established itself as a reliable and stable partner cooperating with direct and verified advertisers only.

What makes working with Aivix a lucrative option?

– Aivix provides partners with ready-to-use funnels

– CPA rates up to $1200

– CRG for traffic

– Aivix uses proprietary tracking software that has more features in comparison with other tracking platforms

– Aivix managers help affiliates from other verticals to adapt to the financial one

– More than 100 offers for 100+ GEOs

That is why Aivix became the best affiliate program in financial vertical according to MAC'21, Kinza 360, the Conversion club, and AGS Awards 2022. Sign up and start running traffic in the most relevant and trendy vertical. Still have questions? Contact Aivix manager or join the official Aivix chat.


Reviews (5)

Aivix gives a good boost to those who have just signed up in this affiliate network, and for this reason I decided to register here. Registration is simple and if you have at least a little experience in launching traffic then there will be no problems. At first I launched traffic to German-speaking countries and it turned out well. Now, of course, I have a flow that brings me more than $1000 per month on crypto offers.The affiliate network offers various withdrawal options. I withdraw all the cash on web money and I didn’t have any problems with this, in general, it´s a good affiliate network.

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1 week ago

I’ll tell you how it is, they tracked me down at Kinza 2021. I got to chat irl with the manager and the terms they were offering me were too good to pass up. So I plunged into the world of crypto affiliate marketing. All my conversions are tracked using postback and I can't even remember the last time I did a test - the smartlink the ap provides does them all for me. After testing all the traffic sources, I settled on FB and currently drive traffic exclusively through it. Don't see the need to talk about GEOs and offers when everyone can just register and check them out themselves

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1 month ago

A nice lucrative affiliate program where I'm able to drive traffic without any issues or shaving. For its partners, Aivix provides free domain parking and lots of other useful features. The AP processes leads exceptionally well, with the approval rate being pretty high too, sometimes hitting over 50%. Aivix coins provide marvellous motivation to do a good job - I recently used them to get a new laptop for work. This is hands down going to be my only place to promote crypto offers in!

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1 month ago

Many aff programs have been scammed, but with Aivix I haven’t noticed any significant changes for over 3 months. Profit is on fire and they give coins to buy goodies in their store

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2 months ago

Switched from gambling to fin and learned a lot here. There are many useful hacks and bonuses. Now they give a good boost to newbies. Too bad there wasn't one when I signed up.

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2 months ago

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