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As a CPA network focusing on Asia, AFFBAY.ASI has own high conversion COD offers. By S2S or by API, AFFBAY.ASIA can integrate with you. You can easily find documentation for API  on our website in section Offers at the top of the webpage. You just need to select offers you like and then click Details.


Working with AFFBAY.ASIA, a user-friendly program, you will be provided with your personal account with dashboard without requiring tracker. Besides, S2S postback integration with your trackers will be available for you to choose. You can choose postback for sales in case you want to receive postback for approved leads. If you use postback for holds, you will get postback for every lead coming into our system. Meanwhile, post back for rejected is getting postback for leads rejected such as invalid phone number or leads not being reached by Call Center in a month.


CPA network focused on Asia! Just our own fresh offers - nutra/healthy/beauty


You can check AFFBAY.ASI reviews and Offers on Affbank and ask AFFBAY.ASI Team any question by using the contacts above, especially about how to earn money!


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VulkanVegas CPA
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