20 May, 2017

Design of Landing Pages

hi all, does anyone on here design and host their own landing pages OR do you buy into an external services such as un bounce and various others.

If you do use an external company for this please tell me why this would be good?

Answers (3):

01 Jun, 2017

what can be better then WordPress? I prefer WordPress rather than using unbounce or leadpages because wordpress is free, Only need to pay for hosting. There are some plugins with drag and drop page builders which can allow you to create your landing pages. my favorite is this free plugin I got from pluginops here : http://pluginops.com/page-builder/

WordPress is far better choice because it can be a central hub for all your content and marketing campaigns. (Time saver)

01 Jun, 2017

optimizepress is a wonderful tool

19 Jun, 2017

i use WebDAM landing page has many neat features, my favorite (by far) is the form but as affcheck mentioned, Wordpress is also great tool! I started with it

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