15 Mar, 2017

what's the best Wordpress Affiliate Plugin

I've got a business website running on Wordpress that is generating several sales a week, but I am ready to turbocharge things and run an affiliate program. There are several options out there (AfffiliateWP and Post Affiliate Pro to name just a couple), but I wanted to know what your personal experiences are with this. Although I have technical ability, I want to deploy as fast as possible, and as such, the simpler and easier to use, the better. Thanks in advance

Answers (2):

27 Mar, 2017

try 'thirsty affiliates' it's free to download & use. Geolocation & Google lin and many great add-ons - as pros

Ethan Alvin
22 May, 2017

never tried 'Thirsty affiliates' the only that I use is Constant Contact, very handy and easy to use has great help materials you may check this :)

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