07 Feb, 2018

Looking to promote an affiliate program in controlled meds(pain,sleep, sent from EU)

So, I run several blogs. The formula is this: adult traffic tubes that generate thousands of daily hits from mainly Europe. And banner ads pushing links to products such as

-xanax -tramadol -zolpidem -cialis and the likes.

My vendor runs the actual store and pays me depending on the sales I bring in.

today I lost my vendor. Is there anyone based in Europe that can supply me with the products above? I´ll drive huge amounts of quality traffic to your webstore I´d be willing to take a low split of the profits in form of commission on every sale traced to my traffic.

best regards from an Arctic nation. way up in the north. cheers

Answers (3):

09 Feb, 2018

hey arctic guy!

why not using affiliate marketing?

you will be very valuable member in this if you have quality traffic really

you can earn a lot with it

09 Feb, 2018

Sure, I'll take any advice on affiliate marketing. I'm open to all business besides controlled meds, any advice?

12 Feb, 2018

check here products which you can promote:

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