08 Nov, 2017

More light on Google Adsense and Google AdWords

I must confess, after reading through the 5steps much value has been added to my experience. You talked about 'Google AdWords' , please can you throw more light on that. Moreso, about page content, which of the page content will be motivated to drown traffic to my site. In conclusion, How much will it cost me to have a quality page content on my site.i have contracted someone to write a page content for me on ' home services', I am still confused.

Answers (4):

08 Nov, 2017

you're rather eloquent and good in your words, so you will have a success with writing good quality content

08 Nov, 2017

make your content goodi for SEO

09 Nov, 2017

You can use the website for freelance services: writing articles in different languages, translation :)

And it isn't expensive!

27 Nov, 2017

if you don't want to be ruined - set up a bid

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