04 Oct, 2017

is buying Email Lists Is always a bad idea?

and how to build mine email lists for free??

Answers (2):

christian B
06 Oct, 2017

good email address lists aren't for sale (:

06 Oct, 2017

it should be better to builf an email list by yourself.

you need to have a useful content on your site to attract people - Webinars, ebooks, templates, etc.

If ebooks aren't your jam, create tools instead. I don't recommend a one-or-the-other approach, necessarily, but if you

have more dev talent than writing talent, this may be a more attractive option for you. For example, we created

Marketing Grader (formerly Website Grader, HubSpot's first tool) -- which is free to use, but prompts you to input an

email address.

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