29 Sep, 2017

how to write perfect SEO-optimized articles in wordpress?

I know that keep getting traffic for my posts is to make them search engine friendly. is there any tips?

Answers (5):

04 Oct, 2017

just some tips, what I know: + post Title and Meta Title and it is important to have your keywords in the meta title

+ post Meta Description and description plays major role in search engine ranking. it is about 156 characters, so do it more juicy as possible

+ Interlink and Anchor Text

+ and name images when you put it into the text

09 Oct, 2017

i remove prepositions from the permalink

when i write articles the name by default, would be: 5 ways to write a great article -great-article.html

as I know “to” and “a“ are stop words

You can click on edit permalink and change the permalink to just “write-great-article”

but never change your post permalink once the post is published

good luck!

09 Oct, 2017

what is Meta Description and tags?

09 Oct, 2017


29 Nov, 2017

good article:

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