28 Sep, 2017

What is the difference between a CPA network and an affiliate network?

I have some base of knowledges, but don't clearly understand the difference. Can you guys explain some points on this?

Answers (2):

28 Sep, 2017

Affiliate Network - is the intermediary which connects Advertiser (who own products) with Affiliates (who will promote this products)

CPA - it is the one of the most popular MODEL of work. Cost Per Action. Where you will get paid when people do some action online on Publisher source ( website, blog, social media page )

In Affiliate Networks people who promote products called Affiliates

In CPA Networks people who promote products - called Publishers

Products - Offers

This is the main difference in my opinion.

04 Oct, 2017

CPA it is the part, but the hugest part of Affiliate marketing

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