25 Apr, 2017

What tracking platform to use ?

Someone recommended us a tracking platform Offerslook, Maybe has anyone used already this platform before? How does it work? Any issues? Is there any efficient way to manage our offers and affiliates? Thanks a lot.

Answers (3):

26 Apr, 2017

Hey ramon! You know all I can help you with it is recommend you a good tracking software that I've had experience with - Funnelflux. It's simple, it works, I like it. Will it work for you? I don't know... I guess, you should just try out Offerslook, browse through their training materials and/or FAQs, perhaps you will find your answers there? Have you tried to contact their support staff?

28 Apr, 2017

Thanks sarkark21 for advice to question. I wanted to ask almost the same thing) Sometimes it's useful to flip through the topics so as not to repeat :))

01 Jun, 2017

I would recommend Voluum

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