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Kintura is the AI tracker, heavily utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide an unmatched depth of insight and tools to help you iterate, grow and profit more, faster.

While other trackers provide simple event tracking and segmentation, Kintura provides the power to understand deep user behavior and get immediately actionable insights you can turn into instant creative and media buying decisions.

Super affiliates simply don't have time for cost discrepancies; so Kintura invented the Smart Cost Update. The first of it's kind cost update that utilizes your cost update input to learn more about how the traffic source is billing you and apply that algorithm to future traffic!

Super affiliates don't have time to export traffic source pub reports and import them into complex spreadsheets just to calculate cuts and boosts; so Kintura invented Advisor. Advisor brings Binomial Confidence Intervals and Minimum Viable Conversion Rate inline, where they belong!

14 days free tria;

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At the moment that is the most convenient tracker for affiliates. First, I have been using it for months. Secondly, everything is as simple and clear as possible. The only thing that, at the beginning, I met with lack of knowledge of professional words. But after some time I completely figured it out. I would like to mention the high speed of trackers work

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4 years ago

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